Script to create a custom VIB in ESXi 5.0

This script can be used to maintain a list of files to mount automatically at boot time. The list of files must also include the parent directories, if those are not present in the default directory hierarchy.


# /
# Chris Wells 20120602
# Put the list of files to include in file /customfiles
# Then add “— custom.v00” to the boot options in /bootbank/boot.cfg
# Test it by:
# vmkramdisk /bootbank/custom.v00

cd /
tar cvf /tmp/custom.tar `cat /customfiles` customfiles
vmtar -o /tmp/custom.vmtar -c /tmp/custom.tar
rm -f /tmp/custom.tar
gzip -9 < /tmp/custom.vmtar > /tmp/custom.v00
rm -f /tmp/custom.vmtar
cp /tmp/custom.v00 /bootbank
rm -f /tmp/custom.v00

eg, I’ve used this to create ssh keys for a non-root user:

~ # / 

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