Caution about vShield Endpoint

If you install and uninstall vShield Endpoint, it can leave entries in the .vmx file which until removed will cause the VM to become unstart (or resumeable).


VFILE.globaloptions = “svmip= svmport=8888”
scsi0:0.filters = “VFILE”

ESX4.1 gives this error:

Module DevicePowerOn power on failed.
Unable to create virtual SCSI device for scsi0:0, ‘/vmfs/volumes/4b451286-80fef9f2-6a13-18a90544f4fe/VMNAME/VMNAME-000002.vmdk’
Failed to attach filter ‘VFILE’ to scsi0:0: Not found (195887107).

The solution is to remove those two lines and re-power on the VM.


2 Responses to Caution about vShield Endpoint

  1. JediMasterMero says:

    i have seen this issue after removing trend micro deep security 7.5 VA and vshield endpoint from my ESX 4.1 however it is happening only with some VMs, i can’t understand y, meanwhile i had another doubt how does vshield edit the VMX file while the machine is powered on? is that related to FSR(fast suspend and resume)

  2. Fu Yong says:

    According to the following article from geeksilver,

    The editing of the VMX file is done by vCenter, which will potentially cause some network issue when vCenter is temporarily unavailable (e.g. during vMotion)

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