Upgrading to Solaris 11 Express

Using a repo on host “eddie”, can upgrade “marvin” :

root@marvin:~# beadm create -e snv_134 sol-11-exp-201011
root@marvin:~# beadm mount sol-11-exp-201011 /a
root@marvin:~# pkg -R /a unset-publisher pkg.opensolaris.org.contrib
root@marvin:~# pkg -R /a set-publisher -P -g http://eddie solaris
root@marvin:~# pkg -R /a unset-publisher opensolaris.org
root@marvin:~# pkg -R /a image-update --accept
root@marvin:~# bootadm update-archive -v -R /a
root@marvin:~# beadm umount sol-11-exp-201011
root@marvin:/# beadm activate sol-11-exp-201011
root@marvin:/# init 6
root@marvin:~# pkg set-publisher -P -g http://pkg.oracle.com/solaris/release sol
root@marvin:~# pkg set-publisher -G http://eddie solaris

Caution about vShield Endpoint

If you install and uninstall vShield Endpoint, it can leave entries in the .vmx file which until removed will cause the VM to become unstart (or resumeable).


VFILE.globaloptions = “svmip= svmport=8888”
scsi0:0.filters = “VFILE”

ESX4.1 gives this error:

Module DevicePowerOn power on failed.
Unable to create virtual SCSI device for scsi0:0, ‘/vmfs/volumes/4b451286-80fef9f2-6a13-18a90544f4fe/VMNAME/VMNAME-000002.vmdk’
Failed to attach filter ‘VFILE’ to scsi0:0: Not found (195887107).

The solution is to remove those two lines and re-power on the VM.

Recovering from a corrupted firefox session

Easiest way is to blow away the profile directory, and start again.

I had to do this, because for some reason java embedded programs weren’t working.

But what if you want to preserve some of the functionality? What to copy:

For me:

prefs.js                         - Preference file

key3.db                          - These two files are the saved password files
signons.sqlite                   - "

places.sqlite                    - Browser history
extensions*                      - All the extensions
cookies.sqlite                   - Cookies
sessionstore.js                  - Previous sessions
localstore.rdf                   - Window position and layout etc
searchplugins                    - Plugins for searching
search.sqlite                    - Search history

And then extension-specific data, eg: