Problems with Schillix

Now I’m really confused. Not only has Schillix not got the killer feature (ZFS) that I expected, It’s also apparent that locations of key binaries features differently in Joerg’s mind…

Like where the $#@& is vi:

root@unknown:~# vi
bash: vi: command not found
root@unknown:~# find / -name vi -print

/usr/ucb and /usr/xpg6 versions, but no version in /usr/bin!?!

…and I don’t know what package management system is supposed to be using. It’s neither SysV packages, nor IPS, nor dpkg:

root@unknown:~# ls -al /var/sadm/install/contents
/var/sadm/install/contents: No such file or directory
root@unknown:~# pkg search
bash: pkg: command not found
root@unknown:~# dpkg
bash: dpkg: command not found

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